Executive Management

Acting Chief Financial Officer: Mr G.A. Mgcina 

Mr Gcinumzi Abram Mgcina is an Accountant thorough with details, cautious, deliberate, logical and analytical. Proven ability to manage and complete projects to the highest standard, with a meticulous attention to detail and within agreed deadlines. Experienced in working with municipality, people and ability to adjust easily to change and deal well with new situations. He is also a life-long resident of Mafube Local Municipality.

Home Town: Qalabotjha, Villiers, Mafube LM, Free State.

Education Background

  • Diploma in Internal Auditing (Vaal University of Technology)
  • Bachelor Degree in Internal Auditing (Vaal University of Technology)
  • Higher Certificate in Municipal Financial Management Program (Fort Hare University)
  • Currently studying Post graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management (Regent Business School)

Over the past years, Mr G.A Mgcina  has accumulated a wealth of experience by  serving in Different departments: Internal Audit Intern (Mafube Local Municipality), Accountant in Accounting & Expenditure (Mafube Local Municipality), Manager in Budget & Reporting (Mafube Local Municipality), Currently Acting Chief Financial Officer (Mafube Local Municipality).



Acting Director Corporate Services: Mr I Ngozo 

Mr Isaac Ngozo is a hardworking individual and always eager to learn. He is keen, and have a drive and also enjoy new challenges.  His passion is working with people and I believe good analytical, verbal and written communication skills are his key strengths. His objective is to work in an environment whereby he can be able to expand upon the experience he gained during his employment.


Home Town: Namahadi, Frankfort, Mafube LM, Free State.

Education Background


  • Bachelor of Administration (University of Free State)
  • Certificate NQF 5 Project Management (North West University)
  • Certificate in Bookkeeping (Damelin)
  • Certificate in Sports Turfgrass Management (University of Pretoria)
  • Certificate in Environmental Law for Environmental Managers (North West University)
  • Certificate Municipal Finance Management Programme:28 Unit standards completed (Kgolo institute)
  • Certificate in Practical Labour Law (University of Cape Town)


Over the past years, Mr I Ngozo  has accumulated a wealth of experience by  serving in Different departments: Human Resource Clerk/Finance Clerk (Department of Education Tsebo-Ulwazi Secondary School), Senior Admin Clerk /Data Capturer (Department of Health Refeng Kgotso Clinic & Philani Clinic), Sport and Recreation Officer (Mafube Local Municipality), Acting Manager Environmental Services (Mafube Local Municipality), Manager Environmental Services (Mafube Local Municipality), Acting Director Corporate Services (Mafube Local Municipality).

Political Profile

  • Interim Regional Working Committee Member Fezile Dabi ANC Branch
  • Regional Task Team Member of the Fezile Dabi Region
  • REC Member Fezile Dabi Region
  • Local Elections Coordinator Mafube Sub-Region
  • Regional Coordinator ANC Youth League Fezile Dabi


Community Involvement

  • Treasurer – Community Policing Forum Namahadi
  • Treasurer – Local Football Association Mafube
  • Deputy Secretary – Sports and Recreation Council Mafube


Acting Director Infrastructure: Ms N.  Radebe

Ms N Radebe is a hardworking individual who has a drive and I enjoy new challenges.  She mentors Interns in raising awareness in water and related issues.


Home Town: Namahadi, Frankfort, Mafube LM, Free State.

Education Background

  • Bachelor Degree in Science specializing in Chemistry (University of Free State)
  • Report Writing Certificate (University of North West)
  • Basic Computer Certificate (Flavius Mareka College)
  • Water Operation Certificate (JICA- Japan)
  • Integrated Water Demand (University of North West)


Over the past years, Mrs N Radebe  has accumulated a wealth of experience by  serving in Different departments: Manager in Water Quality(Mafube Local Municipality), Librarian (Mafube Local Municipality), Teacher (Tsebo Ulwazi) and currently Acting Director Technical Services (Mafube Local Municipality).

Community Involvement 

  • Member of the Wilge River Catchment Forum
  • Member of the Vaal Dam Catchment Forum
  • Member of Mafube Water Forum
  • Member of Ikageng Women’s Club – Frankfort Branch

Director Community Services & LED: Mrs Z.E Mofokeng  

Mrs Z.E Mofokeng  has passion for community development and well-being. She gives priority to the basic needs of the community, and to promote the social and economic development of the community, and participate in national and provincial development programmes.

Home Town: Namahadi, Frankfort, Mafube LM, Free State.


Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts private and public sector (North-West University)
  • Honours in Bachelor of Arts- Development and management (North West University)
  • Executive municipal management and leadership programme (University of Free State)
  • Certificate municipal financial management: NQF Level 6


Over the past years, Mrs Z.E Mofokeng has accumulated a wealth of experience by serving in Different departments: Skills Development Facilitator (Mafube Local Municipality), Librarian (Tweeling Library), Chief Librarian (Frankfort Library) and currently is Director in Community Services & LED Services (Mafube Local Municipality).

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