Where to Stay

Mafube is part of the Riemland region. The name Rieland, comes from the fact that, when first settled, the area was home to huge herds of game and the locals earned a reputations for curing and making leather; a riem being a strip of leather. Translated the word Mafube means: Just before sunrise – where the sun rises.

Mafube is well known for its tourism. Boating, fishing and swimming provide endless opportunities for relaxation. From extraordinary Quad-rides, to ripping through the wake of a powerful motorboat on a pair of skis – Mafube accommodates it all. In the early 1800s the Basotho king, King Ntsuanatsatse lived at Tafelkop. That is why Mafube is predominantly Sotho-speaking.

The Mafube Municipal Area comprises of the rural towns of Frankfort, Villiers, Corelia and Tweeling – each with their own character. They serve small, yet viable communities and prosperous farming districts. Mafube is situated in the North-Eastern Free State, about an hours drive from Vereeniging and a further half an hour from Johannesburg on the N3 route to Durban.